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  • Stiller EX45 caliber Long Range Muzzleloader System

    $4,500.00 $4,200.00

    For the Ultimate in accuracy, reliability, shootability, and class. LR Customs EX45 is in a level of its own. Built off a Stiller Custom action, using a match grade 27" Lilja 45 custom fluted barrel, 20 Primer Modules,Timney Trigger, Smokeless Rated Breech plug, and the Premium CSTMMZ-REX Brake system(CSTM MZ-Rex brake, Funnel, LRC alignment and bullet starter), this rifle is capable of delivering a 300 gr projectile at 2550+ fps at the muzzle with BH209 and 2900 +/- fps using smokeless.  This rifle is a must for reaching out past 500 yards with speeds and KE to knock down any big game animal on this continent. Sub1 MOA accuracy guaranteed out to 500yds. This rifle also comes with a Swing-lok swaging die and Spin jag. Load development will be part of the package as well as 50 rounds of the bullets used. Please contact to discuss stock options.

    All orders for September hunts are to be placed prior to May 1. Stiller builds based on action availability from Stiller

    Please contact us prior to ordering  at