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  • G3 50 T-REX


    For those with the need to exude massive amounts of horsepower, comes a brake meant to tame all those ponies. After a year of exhaustive and bruise laden testing, we finally built the 50 BMG brake of brakes.  With 6 Large 30 degree and 2 massive 30 degree ports coupled with 6 top ports, you will finally see what your giant sized bullet sees as it impacts the target.. Watching a 750 grain bullet make contact through the scope is one of the most impressive things you will see in shooting... Stock threads are 7/8" x 14 TPI and 1" x 14 TPI. A shim kit is provided for timing.  Please email us if you need alternate thread types you require

    All 50 Brakes are built as ordered. Please allow 2-3 weeks build and ship time

    All orders will be shipped after December 1, 2019