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  • LRC 45 CVA Hunter Muzzleloader

    $1,050.00 $900.00

    Early 2019, We decided to try out a CVA Hunter 4570 and convert it to a Muzzleloader. Using ASG's 209 breech plug, the ever popular MZ-Rex muzzlebrake, BH209, and 270-275 gr projectiles, we found that this entry level rifle is small on price, but high on accuracy. Averaging over 2350fps at easy loads, this rifle has shot several sub 1/2 moa groups at 100 yds. If you take the 1 in 20 twist barrel coupled with that speed, you have a awesome medium range rifle. Lets do a little ballistic calculating, Zero the rifle at 200 yds, you will hit roughly 3" high at 100 yards and only 9" low at 300 yards or in hunting terms.. Hold spine high on a deer at 300 yds and its going home to the meat pot. 

    Included in the package is a Gunn Tech G3 3pc ramrod and spin jag

    CVA depriming tool, breech plug cleaner, Load thru funnel, and load data 

    We test every CVA Hunter conversion for accuracy before shipping and guarantee 1 MOA or better accuracy at 100yd with loads used in testing.  

    Please allow 3 to 4 weeks lead time on shipping after purchase

    Add a scope for a bit more if you so desire..