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  • Remington Custom 45 Muzzleloader

    $3,950.00 $3,800.00

    Remington Custom 45 Muzzleloader. Built from a Rem 700 SA SS action, using a Brux 45 barrel. This rifle offered a great package of accuracy, LR knockdown, and consistency. Utilizing a AG Composite Alpine hunter carbon stock, ASG breech plug system, MZ-Rex Brake system, and Timney triggers, this rifle is shootable for even the young hunters.. Packing 5k ft/lb of energy at the muzzle which is tamed by the MZ-Rex, there isn't anything walking this continent that can handle what this rifle puts out at 300 yards. 300 yard rifles is something you see advertised by the major manufacturers, but this is a true 300 yard rifle that will perform much further out making that 300 yard shot, a chip shot.  Load development is a major addition to this rifle so you can hit the ground running. Swinglok sizing die, 50 rounds of Parker bullets included.  Optics, rings and bases not included

    6 month lead time minimum

    Starting at 3800.00 is a great deal on a fine rifle

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