LR Customs The next level in Muzzleloaders and muzzlebrakes. Designed by shooters, for shooters.

Big Deer like to stay far away from people. So much so that a once in a lifetime buck had positioned himself out of range of normal firearms, and had erected a circular defensive ring of does and smaller bucks on a very steep mountain.  I couldn't get close enough without sounding the alarm, or have enough firepower to ethically and morally reach out and touch him.  From that moment on, I told myself, I will never be under gunned again.. 

   With large caliber rifles, comes large caliber recoil. I spent the first 20 years in archery competitions and archery product development.  After 20 years and thousands of arrows shot, my shoulders said enough is enough.  My father, who has always been a rifle enthusiast, match bench shooter, and avid reloader, suggested that I can still squeeze a trigger and shoot little bitty groups. Growing up hunting with a bow, musket, or rifle leaves a person always looking for the next best thing. I am not ashamed to admit, that I don't like recoil or tensing up just before the shot . In archery, tension leads to missing. I just wanted to relax and squeeze. Relaxing while trying to shoot a small cannon is very hard when you know the punishment is coming. So after deciding that I needed to learn and immerse myself in the art of long range shooting, I found that many of the Muzzle brakes on the market were either great for reducing recoil but bad for sound, concussion, blowing dirt every where, made the muzzle jump more than no brake, or just were plain ugly. I like a little bit of style to go along with usability. So after dozens of prototypes, I believe we have almost reached the end of the line with recoil reduction, jump minimizing, concussion and sound dampening to the shooter, and being able to watch the bullet strike the target as close as 100 yd through the scope.  The G3 series is the culmination of thousands of round being shot by several people testing out the newest brakes. a tweak here, a change there and I think we have reached a turning point.  With CNC mill technology, the repeatability of brake building has advanced the design to untold levels.  The G3 T-REX made its debut on the front of my wifes .264 WM. Being a petite city girl, hard hits have never been on her list of favorables. Her light hunting rifle has been tamed down to where she can shoot 20+ rounds without feeling the need to see a chiropractor or dentist afterwards. The BT-REX was designed to tame down a personal wildcat we dubbed the 300 T-REX.. This rifles throws a 220gr Hornady ELD-x down range at an astonishing 3250fps.. After several trials, we have been able to settle this beast down and have watched multiple hits through the scope... nothing like being your own spotter at 1000 yds plus. the 50 T-REX went through significant alterations as again, all available brakes on the market reduced recoil, but the average shooter was never able to watch the bullet strike through the scope let alone walk away without a mild case of concussion when the glancing blow of gas clipped thier shoulders.  Always trying to better ourselves all along.
   The latest round of brakes to come out of the shop started out as a way to be able to see your target after pulling the trigger on a muzzleloader.(muzzle stuffer, blackpowder, smokepole, thunder stick, etc) I have had many instances of making what I thought was a great shot, but having to wait for the smoke to clear in order to see if maybe things hadnt work out as I thought. The G3 MZLDR brake is the answer to that problem.  What started out as a tinker toy, has turned into a serious business. I guess I am not the only one who doesn't like to be blinded by a big ball of smoke.. So diverting the smoke has made it not only easier to see your target after pulling the trigger, but also reduces recoil enough to make shooting that much funner.  Several T/C, CVA muzzleloaders are sporting this brake, with happy hunters shooting them everywhere.  When I started playing with the Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader, recoil reduction went from a very nice side effect to the smoke dispersion, to a real need with max loads up to 200 grains of pyrodex, and speeds breaking 2500 fps with a 250 gr bullets, a need for recoil reduction came to the forefront. The G3 Magnum MZLDR Brake was born of fire you might say. Reducing recoil by more than half, and still dispersing smoke makes this a very hot item. Being able to watch a bullet hit, through the scope, from a large blackpowder rifle has been until this point, unheard of,  yet its happening everyday. Most Magnum muzzleloader owners are never able to reach the rifles potential all due to not liking the recoil. I cant say I blame them.. I don't like it either.
We don't like the status quo, and believe boundaries are meant to be broken.  I hope you enjoy our product as much as we do.
Levi Reed