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  • 300gr LRC Elite HTR 45cal bullet (box of 50)


    45 cal LRC Elite HTR Muzzleloader Bullets (No Sizing Required)

    Weight- 300 gr

    BC- .330 (tested at 2550 fps to 600 yards)

    Barrel Dimensions - Maximum Land to Land ID -.4505

    Jacket Thickness- .028" 

    Lead core, Polymer Tip (high heat resistant)

    Terminal Performance window - 2400 fps to 1500 fps

    Recommended MV 2500 fps

    Intended for Blackhorn 209 Powder

    45 cal Dry Wool Wad recommended

    designed for fouled barrel shooting

    Not Recommended for CVA Muzzleloaders

    To order bullets for your CVA .45's, you must call in your order at 208-596-8430.

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