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G3 MZ-REX Premium Brake Kit


With the G3 MZ-REX Brake Premium Kit, you get all the benefits of the awesome braking power of the MZ-REX Brake, the powder funnel, and ramrod extension, PLUS, the LR Customs Bullet Alignment and Starter Tool. This system, when used correctly, will ensure concentricity of the bullet at its most critical moment, starting down the barrel. The advent of long nosed, high BC bullets on the market has given rise to corkscrewing and alignment issues.  When dealing with sabots, it is very easy to misalign the bullets as they start down the bore, causing a corkscrewing effect as the bullet is fired.  This tool, when coupled with the MZ-REX brake, is much like having a reloading press attached to your barrel. Built mainly for the 50 cal Muzzleloaders, we can customize it to what ever caliber you require.

Threads are 3/4 x 24 tpi

All orders will be shipped after December 1, 2019