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  • LRC Elite Muzzleloader


    The pinnacle of LRC muzzleloading rifles. Using the LRC match grade Elite custom action built with a pinned rail and double pinned heavy recoil lug, the LRC Elite Muzzleloader utilizes every facet of the best components and experience available to produce the best shooting, most consistent, ease of use system available.  Match grade barrels fluted with our own flute pattern and built to our spec's help take advantage of the mechanics involved in bullet to bore shooting. Wrapped up in a  AG composite Carbon stock, this platform will be easy to handle, balance like a dream, and outshoot the shooter! Sub MOA at extended range is guaranteed. Only 10 of these rifles are made per year. 

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    Rifle break-down

    LRC Elite action

    LRC Elite Spec'd 45 or 40 cal barrel

    LRC Elite Muzzlebrake system

    AG Composite Carbon stock

    Timney Elite trigger set @2#

    ASG LRMP Breech plug & 20 HP ASG modules

    BP wrench

    Wool wads

    50 LRC Elite HTR bullets or Parker Black Max 300gr

    1 on 1 coaching and shooting day

    smokeless and bh209 load development