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  • Recoil Reaper- Made for calibers .408 and larger.


    Introducing The Flagship for the Reaper Series, The "Recoil Reaper". Designed in the summer of 19', using a new port theory, this brake was first tested on a monster .40 caliber smokeless muzzleloader that was built and owned by Jeff Fisk of Bestill Creations. The prototype proved extremely effective on a rifle that was hitting over 7500 ft/lb of energy at the muzzle. Third party testing put the effective recoil reduction at 49.2% on a Barrett 50 bmg shooting 660gr API rounds. 49.2% reduction without employing the top ports. Featuring 18 adjustable ports, 9 on each side, this brake is very tunable for shooter needs. Heavier loads require more help on top to keep the muzzle down and on target. The R-Reaper enjoys the LRC requirement of reducing concussion and noise to the shooter. The port design creates a cone around the shooter to keep debris from being thrown back into the shooters face or body. This brake is for those who enjoy shooting, hate recoil, hate concussion, hate coming off the target, and hate a huge noise blast. See link below of my wife's first time shooting a BA-50, loaded with 660gr API rounds, and totally having a blast.

    Made for Calibers .400, barrel diameters 1" and larger

    Standard threads are 7/8 x 14, 1" x 14, 1" x 20. Satin stainless finish. Built from 416 Stainless Steel

    allow 2 to 3 week build time after order

    please contact us at for further inquiries.